A 38yrs old male pt suffering with fever since 10days later on 3rd day presented with hematuria and melena and altered sensorium with platelet count 25k for which multiple PRP transfusion done initially on 3rd day pt had

A CASE OF CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE GRADE 1 : MANAGED IN E.R TODAY (By Dr.Farrah) This patient is 38 YO. His symptoms started with frontal constant headaches, projectile watery vomiting ,urinary hesitancy and sudden rise in

WHAT IS NEXT APPROPRIATE STEP IN MANAGEMENT? Please explain your choices: (1) Standing XRAY RIGHT KNEE (2) Arthrocenteses of Right knee (3)Measurement of serum URIC ACID LEVEL (4) Measurements of serum CRP & HLA-B27 (5) MRI of Right Wrist

17yrs old male boy victim of Head injury in RTA.Upon arrival to ED patient is Drowsy and irritable,Pupils - B/l NS/NR to light,GCS - E2V3M5,All vitals parameters are normal.

21 yrs female pt presented with chest tightness

Nail changes ... diagnosis and management ??

h/o palpitations and disturbed sleep since 3years. she was treated as case of anxiety neurosis. she has vit b12 and vit d deficiency.. mri givess following report. is this complicated case and how to approach

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24 years old female 2nd time pregnancy,know hyperthyroidism ,no H/o bp no history of other complaints,please give suggestion for surgery

36 years old male with headache and dizziness and forgetfulness undergoing ct brain scanning what's your opinion