The Central Government has issued a communication that this year’s NEET PG exam would be held in just one session. This decision is apparently in response to the growing demand to hold National Eligibility cum Entrance

Definition of Severe AsthmaPatients with severe asthma are classified as Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) steps 4 and 5 who have disease that tends to be uncontrolled due a poor symptom controlThey have frequent

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Q&A New Feature
^She is 52years. ^She's Diabetic for now many years. So a bit in the fray. There can be generalised debility and weakness. There can be nitrogen imbalance for stress. ^There is osteoporosis borne of age and also of hormonal imbalance. She's post menopausal woman. She's having hot flushes and sweating. The problem can be grave with osteoarthritis. But this can be also due to autoimmune reaction of bone especially long bones. She may have problem of abnormal globulins a very initial stage. There can be Bence-Jones protein in urine? Bone densitometry study can be worth. There can be Sarcoidosis. ^She has had abdominal hysterectomy and oophorectomy and can only add to the osteoporosis. ^Cervical spondylosis is present. Rheumatoid arthritis is absent. ^The generalised anasarca can be that of such autoimmune reaction with already dwindling protein in a way. ^The autoimmune reaction can also be due to the operative procedure. The organs can be sensitive about the place. ^The such reaction may involve even kidney and a mild reaction can be which settles quickly. ^Checking on early morning urine output and also 24hr urine output. RFT in early morning specimen of blood and urine must be better to detect the problem. It might be early stage of such nephritis or failure?
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pt is non alcholic ,cause of hepatomegaly?

Q&A New Feature

Severe itching with eruption of blister only in ventral aspect of Rt fore arm for 3 days... Diagnosis and treatment ple

present since 4-5 year's burning sensation felt on eating spicey food treatment plz

chronic cough with inguinal hernia....PAC finding for inguinal repair