HIGHLIGHTS: 1. Among patients with acute stroke who had last been known to be well 6 to 24 hours earlier and who had a mismatch between clinical deficit and infarct, outcomes for

53-year-old woman presented to hospital with haematemesis. She had been hospitalised six months previously following a similar episode. What is the diagnosis?

Verified response Pseudoxanthoma elasticum/Gronblad-Strandberg syndrome is a genetic disease characterized by yellow papular lesions and lax skin and can also cause gi bleed from stomach
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5yr old with joint pain, abdominal pain, high coloured urine. she had sore throat 10 days back. o/e skin rash in lower limbs. most probable diagnosis.

A case of cough breathlessness chest discomfort

A 27 year female c/o chest pain ,shortness of breath, o/e blood pressure is 140/80 pulse 80b/min regular b/l fine crepts b/l pedal edema.management

Cough 3 months Carcinoma Colon 2 years back

A 55 year-old HIV positive male with a smoking history of 30 pack-years smoking history who presented to the Emergency room with chronic chest pain, dyspnea, and cough for 2-3 weeks duration. He had a history of COPD and had multiple prior admissions for recurrent pneumothoraces. What is your diagnosis?


midline neck mass...

Identify this gross specimen of lung.What is the characteristic term for the radiological lesion?