32 yrs F presented with one and half months h/o indurated painful modular skin lesions over arms and legs associated with low grade fever. These are look like erythema nodosum but no lesion over the shin. With

Verified response Lupus profundus / lupus panniculitis
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5day old baby,presented with large ecchymotic patch over buttock. noticed on day 2 as small lesion rapidly progressed to present size. clinically baby

Verified response Neonatal purpura fulminans: A rare syndrome of rapidly progressive intravascular thrombosis and hemorrhagic infarction of the skin that is accompanied by DIC. It is associated with protein C deficiency. Rx: Immediate administration of platelet concentrate, FFP, anticoagulation using warfarin, debridement of dead tissue
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genetic condition suggested by this picture?

Verified response Noonan Syndrome Features suggesive are Antimongoloid occular slant low set ears Short neck Hypertelorism
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Pt with wait gain, coarse voice, excessive sleepiness, cold intolerance.

Verified response Typical hypothyroid features with calf muscle hypertrophy seen with Hoffman syndrome. Actually its pseudohypertrophy usually from autoimmune thyroiditis. Treatment..Levothyroxine ( usually higher doses)
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neonate of 4 days old , Failure to pass meconium combined with progressive abdominal distention, refusal to feed and vomiting of bilious intestinal contents. #drcc

Verified response classic apearance of intestine : APPLE PEEL appearnace of intestine Diagnosis : ILEAL ATRESIA ( Superior mesenteric artery occlusion )
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40 yr old male...knee swelling since 6 months with history of massage and pain and tenderness nd reduced range of motion.

Verified response multiple synovial osteochondramatosis
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21yrs female complain with difficult in breathing ,headache and feeling pressure at the chest cavity pulse rate are normal temp is also normal .... any dx

48yr old female having this lesion since 7 months​. occasionally having pain & burning​ sensation.h/o occasional betalnutt chewing+